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Ferrex Engineering

Ferrex is a business that has been providing innovative solutions to Metals Industry since 1983. We started offering Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services and have grown offering Engineering, Automation and IT services.

Through our years we have earned a reputation in providing high quality results to our customers. We are committed to the long term offering Quality and Quick services with always investing in your future and ours.

Offering the following services:

  • Engineering
  • Design and Supply
  • Procurement
  • Commissioning
  • Project Management


To serve to our clients Ferrex incorporates all major disciplines of engineering, including Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical Instrumentation and Control as well as areas of specialist expertise such as Process Control, and Custom Equipment Design.

Our experts are equipped with the latest innovative tools and technologies including 3D plant design systems, 3D component design software, finite element analysis, simulation software.

Our professionals work closely with clients to ensure that their knowledge and requirements are built into the project, starting at the earliest stages. With that input, we make the technical decisions and designs. Finally, our engineering teams deliver their work as an integral part of Ferex’s Project LifeCycle Process, working closely with our procurement, construction and commissioning teams to achieve optimal overall project outcome.


At Ferrex Engineering, we rely on procurement strategies to minimize the procurement costs, lead time and risks on every project.

Project cost estimating and planning optimization: Leverage of procurement price and lead time intelligence to maximize the accuracy of optimized estimates and schedules

Supplier prequalification: Validation of supplier capabilities maturity and reliability covering technology, employee skills, financials, sustainable development policies / capabilities, etc.

Bidders list optimization: Based on supply market information and Ferrex experience with the supplier performance, we select most capable, reliable and competitive bidders

Tender management: Creation of bid packages, issuance of tenders, management of vendor clarifications, bid analysis and award recommendation.

Supplier quality surveillance: Effective set of quality surveillance process and procedures applied by quality practitioners with expertise across all categories aimed to achieve defect free delivery of equipment and materials

Logistics Management: Management of all logistics activities.

Site Materials Management: Management of onsite and offsite warehousing.

Integrated Materials Management: Fully integrated materials management process linking engineering, all procurement disciplines and commissioning.

Construction Contract Management: Construction contract formation and administration


Early in the project cycle, Ferrex coordinates activities with the owner, engineering, procurement, Control, IT and construction to organize the activity sequencing for a quick start-up.

Ferrex ensures quality people on site to handle all pre-operational testing and commissioning phases. Our purpose is to inspect and test plant components, ensuring facilities are in accordance with the project design. Thorough testing of plant systems with product are conducted to ensure design performance is met. Our commissioning services support the ramp-up of the plant throughput to the design level.

Principal activities for a successful plant commissioning:

  • Prepare commissioning manual
  • Complete equipment list
  • Complete P&IDs
  • Scope P&IDs (identify commissionable systems)
  • Develop commissioning schedule
  • Agree on construction schedule
  • Develop commissioning plan
  • Staff for commissioning
  • Construction handover, inspections and documentation
  • Commissioning tests
  • Commissioning handover, inspection and documentation
  • Trials and ramp up (commissioning assist operations)

As the final step in project execution, we understand the importance to complete the work quickly and as such we work diligently with detailed planning to provide our clients a rapid ramp up

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