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Information Technology

Ferrex IT Solutions and Services is an expert and reliable business partner for your IT requirements. With our comprehensive software expertise, we focus on manufacturing sector-specific IT solutions and software developments, built around the best brand name technology products.

You want to concentrate on your core competences, using IT as an enabler for your processes. We deliver through innovation, individual IT solutions, developed for your company, to gain competitive advantages, which you cannot achieve with standard (out of the box) solutions.

We focus on the complete, vertical and horizontal integration of the production process into our customers commercial business processes. Thanks to the integration with ERP systems, like SAP, our customers benefit from consistently implemented business processes. They can use the customized, MES functionality and floor systems, and have consistent, company-wide data in all systems.


Drawing on the extensive experience of its professionals, Ferrex helps clients identify and deliver value with pace, certainty, and strategic agility.

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