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Plant Integration

Having the control automation in place, it is important to collect the resulting data to be analyzed and used to improve your process. Depending on the client's scenario, we use the following tools.

  • Ferrex OPC Client
  • Ferrex Historian

Ferrex OPC Client

We have developed our own OPC client following all the standards provided by the OPC Foundation, this product is very reliable, and capable of been configured to work interacting between MES systems, Data logger systems, and corporate reporting systems.

Its architecture is designed to separate the PLC scanning cycle from the database operations timing. Running these two processes in separate threads ensures that all the information obtained from the PLCs is accurate and no signal changes are missing.

Ferrex Historian

Using our OPC Client to communicate with the plant PLCs and using its data logging capabilities, the historian uses relational databases with an optimized design for accessing and reporting the Tag/time related information.

The Historian Client, provides the graphical navigation and representation tools, as well as the extract and export capabilities.


For those clients that have implemented SAP in their organization, we offer SAP MII products and consulting services.

As a manufacturer, you need to manage your business in real time. You need to be able to exchange information between manufacturing and supply networks - so you can respond quickly to changing customer demands.

That's the power of the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) application. SAP MII solves the disconnection between the plant floor and the rest of the enterprise. It enables you to become an adaptive manufacturer, profitably replenishing your supply network while dynamically responding to unpredictable change.

SAP MII provides a direct connection between shop-floor systems and business operations. It ensures that all data that affects manufacturing is visible in real time - including information about orders, materials, equipment status, costs, and product quality.

The solution takes advantage of your existing IT infrastructure, enabling you to deliver information securely over intranets, extranets, or the Internet without the need for modifications. So you achieve superior manufacturing performance while decreasing your total cost of ownership.

With SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence, you can reliably produce to target, with cost reductions and quality improvements that are above industry average. And you can link your enterprise processes and master data with manufacturing processes to run your business based on a single version of the truth. So you have the visibility, responsiveness, and performance you need to succeed.

Ferrex Engineering is Corporate Member of the OPC Foundation.

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